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Supercowl is done!

This is one of my own designs, which I came up with whilst doodling at work. It was knit in the round, joined at each end and then steeked down the middle to open it up. The edging is a steek sandwich (tutorial here) with an I-cord join to close.

The yarn for the body of the cowl is from the lovely Penelope Craft shop in Amsterdam in their Dutch Yarns brand. The grey is Gotland lambswool and the white is Swifter (which Google tells me is a Dutch breed) and the yellow contrast is Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift in Yellow Ochre which I already had in my stash and then had to buy more of as I used so much holding it double. When it came to the edging I had run out of the Gotland lambswool, but tracked down a really good match with Blacker Yarns Dark Gotland.

It was a lot of knitting and charting, but I am really, really pleased with this one!

(via silverandjadeyarns)